Your Majesty, a KNIGHTHOOD for Gareth Southgate!

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This is a simple request - it is time for Gareth Southgate to become SIR Gareth Southgate.

We may have just been knocked out by Croatia, but the Three Lions are coming back with their heads held high after reaching the semi-finals for the first time since 1990. Gareth deserves a knighthood for what he’s done. And this is why:

He has single-handedly turned our the national team that forever let us down into something that England can be proud of.

No more pampered prima donnas who only seem to be thinking of their next pay-cheque from the Premier League paymasters

No more ridiculous scapegoating to cover up poor performances

No more controversies over dodgy financial dealings

No more team talks where the players can't take the boss seriously

Gareth, Sir Gareth, you have managed to briefly take our minds away from Brexit, the heatwave and Pat Phelan, and for this you deserve this most prestigious of honours. A true sportsman, a true gentleman.

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