Protesting to frequent reduction of applicant's scores by Quebec

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Due to applying new rules by Quebec immigration office based on frequent reduction of applicants major scores in online and postal methods,following items should be considered:
1.While the applicants consider their major scores process and then apply for immigration and paid the money required completely,the system not allocating the file number to the applicants files as the first step of checking process of the cases, lead to many applications will be rejected as the result of recent changes in the new area training list.therefor this approach is an indication of not worth mentioning the time and costs spent by Asian and particulary Iranian applicants.
2.Rejection of many applicants as a result of reduction in major score and therefore not obtaining the minimum required score even with presenting English & French language certificates.
3.Ambiguity in the acceptance process,since many applicants from other countries such as Africa countries,Brazil,Colombia,Ukraine,Ecuador and Venezuela etc have recieved their CSQ without being influenced by new rules.(E.g.Brazilian applicant has recieved his CSQ in 01.Aug 2018 about two years after the application date in 13 Jun.2016.while Iranian applicants have not any file number after two years.)
4.The applicants are under the psychological stress caused by mistake,the ambiguity and prolongation of migration process as well as the loss of opportunity to submit an immigration case or other canadian provinces in accordance with the law on the prohibition of having more than one immigration file at the same time.
Due to the items mentioned above,we sincerely ask you for help with the follow up.