Oppose the COVID-19 Herd immunity strategy proposed by the QC government on April 23

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Community immunity way is stupid and extremely dangerous! The anti-pandemic route of the COIVD-19 - community immunity was first proposed by the United Kingdom. According to the actual pandemic situation in the United Kingdom, it has already been proven that the community immunity route is totally wrong. François Legault's anti-COIVD19 work in Quebec was satisfactory, thanks a lot for the work done by the provincial governor before. But he proposed the idea of letting Quebec also take the route of community immunity on 23 April, 2020 . This idea is extremely wrong and dangerous, and will cost Quebec people countless lives. I don’t want to see Quebec residents' bodies are placed everywhere in the next months,  and everyone may die because of COIVD-19 in QC or have a great loss of family members and property. If François Legault takes the wrong route ,then the dead group may include me and you.  It is time for us to save ourselves, Quebec residents. CAQ needs to reconsider how to ensure the safety of people's lives and restart the economy.