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Change the back of Cap'n Crunch cereal boxes

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For too long has our morning cereal been accompanied by Cap'n Crunch's embarrassingly old box design. The back of a cereal box is very important for kids and childlike adults as it offers an escape from their mundane, and often stressful lives. The activities, puzzles, and mazes offer relief for people of all ages. Parents get a few minutes of peace while their children are busy trying to guide the cereal mascot through the maze to get the cereal bowl. Children feel like they have accomplished something when they find all of the cereal related words in the word search puzzle. Even Teenagers and young adults are brought back to their glory days while trying to not get a cats game playing tic tac toe.

The Cap'n Crunch box has gone unchanged since about 2004 (With an exception for a small period of time when they did a cut-out mustache promotion). That means 13 years of the same games and activities that real cereal fans undoubtedly memorized the solutions to. That long period also means almost everyone in Cap'n Crunch's demographic has never seen anything besides the "Crunch-o-thon" on the back of the box.

We deserve a change. Older fans of the cereal deserve to get back to the good old days of changing boxes to add some variety back into our stationary lives. Younger fans deserve to know what its like to get a new box of cereal with a new design and the excitement that comes along with it. And we all deserve to be able to solve new puzzles instead of just the same old thing every single morning. 

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