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Stop the selling of puppies and kittens in pet shops.

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A beautiful little Golden Retriever girl we named Grace was kept in a glass cage in a shopping centre for weeks. She looked so small and sad. One by one her litter mates were sold off. Grace the runt of the litter was not deemed worth the $2000 price the pet store was asking for her. She was left all alone day and night in her glass prison. A busy traffic of shoppers walking by all day long. Such a stressful and confusing environment for a little puppy. A customer from the shopping centre asked the store staff why she was there so long and where she slept at night. The customer was advised the now approx ten week old pup stayed in the pet store, all night. Saying it was only 8 or 9 hours. When leaving the store with a heavy heart the customer noticed how thin and malnourished the pup appeared. Her hip bones were protruding. She contacted a local rescue group feeling frustrated with the stores lack of concern. The animal rescue group expressed its concern on its facebook page. There was a community outrage. The RSPCA was called and complaints were made. The next day Grace disappeared! When the customer came back the next day to check on Grace had been replaced by a stronger healthier pup of approx the same age and colour. Was this coincidence or was it a cover up?

Puppies and Kittens should never be sold in pet stores.  As young as six weeks old they are kept in glass cages in so many pet stores. That is a high stress environment without the love and care a baby needs. Up to 12 weeks is a crucial time of development for puppies and kittens to learn their social skills. Too many end up in pounds because they don't have the social skills to live in our society. The poor animals are blamed for our system of breed and greed.  


All pet stores should only advertise rescue animals. Our pounds are full. If people want a puppy, go to the pound or phone a rescue group. We need to band together and give a voice to the Grace's of our country. We are meant to be a lucky country. So many of our animals are suffering. They have no voice. We need to stand up and be their voice. Please sign Grace's petition. Give her a voice!

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