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Ben Fairhall started this petition to qdance and

I understand everyone's upset about the government telling us what we can and can't have but music is life and as true weekend warriors I invite everyone to come together and stand up to the 1% of the government that controls 99% of the population in Australia and still celebrate on this day regardless.

Sadly people have died at this event and it has caused the liberal government to stand up, unfortunately there is some people that take it too far, the heavy police presence and our strict drug laws is the main reason their has been a couple deaths is because everyone consumes all their drugs before they enter the festival because they are worried of getting in trouble, you won't stop people from taking drugs it's a Fact and it's proven pill testing inside these festivals eliminate these deaths, when you do a bit of research what the government doesn't tell you is. 

The five deaths to be scrutinised by the coroner include Alex Ross-King, 19, who became the latest victim following the Fomo festival at Parramatta Park on 12 January.

Her death followed Joseph Pham, 23, and Diana Nguyen, 21, who attended the Defqon.1 festival in Penrith on 15 September. Nineteen-year-old Callum Brosnan died at the Knockout Games of Destiny at Sydney Olympic Park on 9 December and Josh Tam, 22, at the Lost Paradise festival on the central coast on 29 December.

At the hearing on Tuesday, counsel assisting the coroner, Peggy Dwyer, told the court two further deaths of young people at music festivals in recent years could be added to the inquest.

Dwyer also revealed to the court that there were major differences in the circumstances leading to the deaths.

“There are some things we know already that are important to share at this early stage,” she said.

“Based on the evidence the court has already received the quantity of the pills consumed by the five young people who died appears to be very different,” she said.

While one victim appeared to have only consumed one MDMA pill, in another case there was evidence the victim consumed between six and nine MDMA pills with 77% purity.

Dwyer called it “a very high rate of purity”.

The further you look into it the more information the government is hiding from us citizens of Australia and its down right discussing.

Music has helped a lot of people and saved a lot of lives, as citizens of this country we have a right to stand up and fight for what we love, defqon 1 has made a multicultural community within Australia and when you cross the bridge it brings everyone together for 1 day where all our problems in the world gets put aside, we all show each other love and celebrate as one.


Unfortunately Defqon 1 has informed me no matter how many signatures we receive on the petition they won't be able to get venue approvals and organise the event in time for this year so I'm calling upon all weekend warriors to reunite with me at 12:30pm (AEST) on 14/09/2019 at combewood avenue next to Penrith station and dance/party/hakk/gabba/walk as one to the Sydney international regatta center and still celebrate regardless, let's take over the streets with (hard)style and make new memories that will last a life time


I will be organising big speakers to play music through and if people could bring their portable speakers for that extra punch It would be appreciated, a suitable rest/dance stop for everyone to refill water bottles as it's an estimated 1 hour and 15 minute walk from Penrith station

So charge your UE boom, clean your tns, pop a phat hakk, wear your defqon 1 merchandise and let's all come together as 1 to show the government we won't let the government take away defqon 1 without a fight.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!