Regulate amount of homework in QCSHS

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DISCLAIMER: This is part of a requirement for Empowerment Technologies 11 of the K-12 Curriculum S.Y. 2017 - 2018. This is not a legitemate petition.

In school, students are given homework if the time isn't enough for the teacher to complete the said lesson. But what if some of these take home activities are one of the root problems for a student? 

    In some weeks, students can experience little or no homework at all, but there would be times where a lot of these take home activities are given at the same time or would have deadlines tightly knit with each other.

    Weekends are supposed to be the time where students will be given time to relax, bond with the family perhaps, or even do their own hobbies and interests in peace with no nagging voice at the back of their mind shouting "Oi you've got schoolwork to do!". With almost 8 - 10 hours of school  on weekdays (not counting the commute to-and-fro), sometimes we students would only show up during dinner time and then go back to whatever homework we were doing.

    It's not about time management nor procrastination, it's the sheer amount of homework given to us on Fridays, that robs us the 48 hours of rest for the week. 

    Without time for ourselves, this can be detrimental to one's emotional, physical and mental health. Fatigue and stress are one of the arch nemesis of hardworking students. This is a problem that should be addressed immediately.

    We propose that homework should not be given on weekends to lessen pressure upon student's shoulders, as most sacrifice their family time just to accomplish school works. Homework that can be accomplished during the weekdays should be given on school days, with enough time to complete them. Assignments that require minimal effort or time must have deadlines on or before Friday to avoid accumulation of work. Where as, activities that require more time and effort should be given deadlines that are justifiable with the workload.

    We also propose to minimize the amount of homework given if the teacher cannot avoid the assigning of such take home activities. Students should be allotted a sufficient amount of time in order to complete such tasks. Furthermore, the task given should be the only assignment they give for the time being.


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