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Q-tips: Bad for your Health

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Cotton buds may be harmful for your Integumentary system. Cotton buds are also termed as cotton swabs, ear sticks, and Q-tips. According to Hon, et al (2005), these tools may initiate the production of bacteria and fungi in the ear canal, causing it to be vulnerable to infection. Furthermore, as quoted from Plotnick (2017), "In most cases, the ear canal does not need to be cleaned." The ear canal has a natural mechanism to remove earwax and clean the area by itself. This may usually take place while washing your hair or while taking showers. The movement of one's jaw whilst eating may also induce the cleansing of the ear canal.

The usage of cotton swabs may only be necessary when fluids have entered the ear canal, however, cotton buds with loose tips are most recommended to remove these fluids. Using cotton swabs which do not have loose tips may lead to Otitis Externa -- an inflammation of the auditory canal (Waitzman, MD, 2016). In contrast, the over usage of q-tips may also result to Otomycosis -- a fungal ear infection on the outer ear canal.

According to Baer, as taken from an article by Lantin (2003), the earwax may actually be beneficial to the ear. It prevents bacteria from entering further to the ear. Moreover, it also contains antibacterial properties that may help fight infection. Removing ear wax through the usage of cotton swabs may lead to irritation, thus, causing more damage to the ear.

As a consequence to the harmful effects caused by using ear swabs, we appeal to you to sign this petition in order to raise awareness and prevent diseases which may impair recessive hearing. Through this, informed individuals may have a healthier Integumentary system.


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