Preseve the Nanmagalam Lake from Garbage Dumping

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Save Nanmagalam Lake

In South Chennai near Tambaram and surrounding area some lakes particularly  the Nanmangalam lake which acts as a source of water neighboring areas or needs maintainance and cleaning.

This also acts as a natural sanctuary for birds.

There is lot of encroachments and the lake area is shrinking day by day

There are few EFI people cleaning the lake at regular intervals...Thanks to them

but the garbage dumped is too huge that this is not enough

Atleast we need to preserve what ever is left out by raising bunds,deepening the 

lake and keeping do lot litter here boards.

Plastic wastes are thrown in to the lake .This needs to be prevented.

Garbage is also burnt near the lake 

Already rains are failing,,,

If the water bodies are not safe guarded it would be a great loss for humanity.

Lets leave at least some natural water sources for our future generation.