DEFI WIND 2020 free of PWA events

DEFI WIND 2020 free of PWA events

June 6, 2019
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PWA. Professional Windsurfers Association
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Why this petition matters

Started by Loïc Mandon

The DEFI WIND is the biggest windsurfing meeting and competition of the world (1200 people from 45 countries) and will celebrate next year, his 20th anniversary. The DEFI WIND is an open amateur competition with no real prize money , but it is more than that, it is a unique event where designers, shapers, brands, old pros and legends, amateurs, customers, shops, young guns and kids meet and share their passion for windsurfing.

It is an absolute need that the PWA really start to promote our sport and stop to shut their eyes on this major event. For years, it has been a FACT that we were missing the actual pros during the DEFIWIND.

WE, windsurfers from all over the world, passionate by our sport, advanced or beginners, old and young, male and female, amateurs and professionals alike, ask formally the Professional Windsurfers Association PWA, PO Box 791656, Paia, HI 96779, USA and their board members to officially remove any competitions and events during the DEFIWIND 2020 and the following years.

We also ask the PWA to offer a wild card for the next PWA event for every first amateur in each category involved in the DEFIWIND (slalom men and female, foil and so on).

If the PWA calendar is free of competition during the DEFIWIND 2020, It will be good for the competitors as they will join the DEFI WIND event, it will be good for the amateurs as they will race with the pros, it will be good for the brands as the customers will be on site, it will be good for the R&D teams as they will exchange with the users, it will be good for the public as they will enjoy a fantastic show, it will be good for the the medias because of the increasing audience and so the sponsors will follow the momentum, and finally it will be good for the PWA because it will benefits the whole windsurfing industry.

So, PWA,

please, leave the calendar free of events for the 2020 DEFIWIND and




Windsurfers from everywhere in the world, our sport really deserves your help. Thank you for signing this petition.

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For your information, I don't have any connection with the DEFIWIND organisation nor any brands. I am just an "average windsurfer" passionate about windsurfing and feel sad about this non productive "conflict" within our sport. 

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Signatures: 1,226Next Goal: 1,500
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