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Put Blake Jamieson's Art in SFMOMA

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My name is Blake Jamieson. I've been passionate about creating art my entire life, but did not have the confidence to pursue art full-time. A life-changing trip to Barcelona, Spain inspired me to follow my dreams. I created #90DaysToMOMA to inspire others to do the same. is the website if you want to follow along.

I am trying to get my art on display at SFMOMA, and believe with your help, the goal can be achieved. However, this goal is not so much about me -- it's part of a bigger mission.

My entire journey -- of attempting to break into the San Francisco art scene, and get my artwork into SFMOMA -- is being filmed and published with daily short films. At the time of creating this petition, Matt Webster (my filmmaker) and I are on day 45 of our 90 day art project.

The process of documenting the journey has become art itself. Even this petition is a form of art (to me). All of the comments are so inspiring to me, and I hope to incorporate them into a future art piece.

The goal of the project is to get art into SFMOMA in 90 days, but the purpose of the project is to inspire people to take action to reach their goals.

From my perspective, far too many people set ambitious long-term goals, only to then procrastinate from making daily progress. Matt and I aim to prove that any goal can be reached with focused and consistent effort. 

If we can rally enough supporters to make SFMOMA take notice, then we have a better chance to reach our goal. And if we reach our goal, the project will be that much more inspiring to viewers, and the world will be filled with more action-takers.

Follow the adventure on our Facebook Page, where a new video is uploaded every day at 12pm PST.

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