ATC Coin should be listed on an International Exchange without any more delay

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Investors in ATC Coin are having a harrowing time as to how they should withdraw their earnings and support their causes for which they had invested in it. At ATC it is only deposit which they take very promptly but withdrawing your hard earned money is just like fighting a pitched battle on a war front.

Ohocash Exchange is just like a jail wherein you just cannot do what you want to do. Everything is governed by the company. You are only allowed to do what they want you to do and that is invest, invest and more invested. You are not allowed to take anything out except for a few meager rupees. Is this what you call an international quality exchange? Do international exchanges run in this manner. The mother of all cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a thing of past in this exchange. There is no withdrawal allowed for Bitcoin. Bitcoin withdrawal is closed for the last quite a few months on a very flimsy ground that cross border people are trying to indulge in nefarious activities. How can these people get a withdrawal if you reject their KYCs in the first place itself? Block these people if they are from some specific countries. Why are lakhs of Indians suffering because of these people? Does Mr. Subhash Jewria have an answer to this question?

Why Mr. Subhash Jewria is not bringing ATC on an international exchange. Maybe he is afraid that he might lose his investors to this other exchange. If he provides a flawless Ohocash exchange just like any other international exchange then who will trade elsewhere? People are more comfortable dealing in India in INR. If ATC gets listed on other exchanges it will definitely raise its demand and hence the ATC price will boom. It will definitely not boom by the steps being taken by Mr. Subhash Jewria. ATC will surge by getting listed on international exchanges. Giving a shopping portal to hapless ATC investors is not going to resolve any issue. Who is interested in shopping at the moment. People want money to run their households, to clear their debts which they have accrued by investing in ATC, they want to give good quality education to their children, they want to have their own house for a decent living. There are thousands of people who are very sick or their dear ones are sick, they want money for treatment. Is this shopping going to help them in anyway?

For the last 5-6 months, there are hollow promises by Mr. Subhash Jewria that ATC is going to be listed on atleast 10-12 international exchanges by each month end. The month comes and passes but nothing changes. ATC investors are down in dumps. When this promise and commitment is going to materialize? Maybe never.

Its high time now friends that we raise our voice against this issue and force Mr. Subhash Jewria to go international. ATC investors have no future in Ohocash exchange only. Kindly support this cause wholeheartedly so that this issue gets resolved immediately. It is for the benefit of all. Support now and reap the rewards for a better future.