Petition Closed

This is important because too many innocent lives are being slaughtered by heartless, soulless monsters - such as HOST #MELISSABACHMAN - We need this show to be taken off the air, because it is promoting the slaughter of life - feeding the blood thirsty hunger of predators in order to slay the life of innocent animals and think of it as sport - this is NOT SPORT - this is a crime against nature.   

There is such a big outrage over this type of SLAUGHTER and it is time that we join together to see that this slaughter is ended - to ban 'canned hunting' and to stop the promotion for the sake of the innocent lives being lost. 

Letter to
Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pursuit Channel Rusty Faulk

We as compassionate humanity request that this show WINCHESTER DEADLY PASSIONS be cancelled, as it promotes the killing of innocent lives - lives that are semi-tamed, captives in areas - where lives of animals who are trusting to humans are being slaughtered for the simple reason that blood thirsty monsters just want the thrill of the hunt. This show which is hosted by "MONSTRESS" Melissa Bachman needs to be cancelled, how can we continue to promote and encourage these crimes against nature. It is truly a shame that some feel the need to be cruel and heartless - that they need to slaughter an innocent animal just to feel good about themselves or proud ---

We are outraged that these type of shows are being shown worldwide, educating our children etc that its okay to kill innocent life, that slaughtering animals makes a "man a man, or woman a woman" this is NOT the case - you are allowing lives to be taken, and you are permitting this crime against nature by showing it on your channel - This is not what should be acceptible... We are suppose to be a compassionate species - not a MONSTEROUS SPECIES.

Do what is right and cancel the show -- don't continue to promote and allow future generations to be submitted to this kind of cruelty - time for a better world, not a inhumane one.