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                                                                                                -BY SANAND SWAMIJI

This petition seeks the  support from public to oppose the construction of 32 dams across "RIVER GANGA". The kidney of mother earth - a river , is purified only when she is allowed to flow freely and not restricting her by constructing dams and having stagnant water. Consequences of actions took against the nature's law has been seen in the recent past in the form of floods,earthquakes,tsunami,cyclone in many many places across the world including India (kerala,chennai etc). 

Especially, in countries like India, the major cause of flood is restricting the rivers by construction of dams and high raised buildings near the river beds in the name of development which basically blocks the flow of rivers and  it's natural merging  into the oceans. After facing such horrible tragedies "WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA" do  not want to face another, by restricting the flow and going against  with "THE MIGHTY RIVER GODDESS GANGA". 

Anticipating the impacts,  SANAND SWAMIJI ( famously known as prof. GD AGARWAL) who is also a former member and official of the central pollution control board , has adopted a non-violent path of hunger strike and is still continuing with 105 days completed in Haridwar. He has started the GANGA TAPASYA campaign which requests, The Government of India to stop the construction of dam failing which, he would take up the "NIRJALA UPVASA" (hunger strike which would not include water too). Supporting his campaign, the respected seers of all the 8 mutts in southern India have joined hands. The school  PURNAPRAMATI along with it's staffs and children came in support of the cause by conducting a non-violent PRARTHANA SABHA at MG road Bangalore on 2nd October 2018. The sabha was addressed was "vishwesha theertha swamiji", "vidhya shreesha theertha swamiji" and environmentalist "yellapa reddy". 

As referred above, rivers are the kidneys of mother earth and if once damaged can never be replaced as in the case of a human body. Thus, when we know there is a threat to our kidney it becomes our commitment and responsibility to protect them by joining our hands for "GANGA TAPASYA" and collectively request the government to STOP THE CONSTRUCTION OF 32 DAMS ACROSS RIVER GANGA. Hence, I request the CITIZENS to overcome all religious,caste and nationality barriers and sign this petition for a GLOBAL AND NOBLE CAUSE. If this petition becomes a success then it will teach a great lesson to everyone on how going hand in hand with nature would help each and every living thing on earth.

Therefore, I request everyone to come forward and join us by signing this petition as it would be a stepping stone for protecting the nature for us and the future generations.

                     "THE NATURE HAS EVERYTHING TO SATISFY OUR NEED,                                                           BUT NOT OUR GREED"

                                                                                       -BY MAHATMA GANDHI JI

                                                                                        (FATHER OF OUR NATION)

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