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Keep The Old Craigmount Logo!

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A decision has recently been made at Craigmount High School in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. To change the well known and highly loved Craigmount Logo. Pupils of Craigmount, parents and even Ex pupils all love the old logo. 

12 people got to design the new logo and some of which have allegedly reported that the designs they came up with does not look anything like the final product. 

As a pupil of Craigmount High School I want for myself and all other pupils to go to school wearing something that they love and are proud off. After hearing feedback form many of my other classmates they do not feel this way about the new logo design. 

We currently live in a democracy and I personally feel that we should be able to have a vote on something that we will have to wear everyday and we did not get to do so on the new logo design. 

We have fed back our views to our pupil council member yet we have still not been listened to as the new logo still stands.

We should be able to wear the logo that makes us comfortable and we should not be made to wear something that will make us self conscious and that we simply do now want to wear.

The change of the new logo with also become an issue to families with low income rates and could even lead to bullying. 

Please Listen to the pupils, do what is best and please sign today to get the message across.

Thank You  



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