Sky News: Reinstate Ross Cameron

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As many now know Ross Cameron has been fired from the Sky News program "Outsiders" I hope we can get as many people to protest this as possible.

Those of us that believe in free speech we know it is unlikely we will win but we have to try if for no other reason than to let Ross know he is admired and respected.

Ross is likely the most pro Chinese media personality in Australia, yet somehow the do gooders and tree huggers have declared him as racist over one comment.

Well I say lets ask the Chinese Ambassador whom he prefer's, is it Ross whom consistently states Australia is going over the top with it's fear of China or the rest of the media who can not wait to bag out China... lets see if China thinks he is racist. 

Please sign this petition so we can let Sky News know that its viewers are not the people of the left but people of the right and we watch sky news as it is the one place we can go to where a person can think and speak freely, where genuine ideas can flourish and are not curtailed by the lefts thought control mafia.

Sign this petition and lets get the following:

a) Ross to be reinstated


b) the spineless middle management rat who set this in motion to apologise to the viewers of sky news for his or her or its own grandstanding and virtue signalling decision making process!