Stop innocent dog killing by Malaysian Council

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The council in Malaysia has been brutally culling dogs for many years and it has been violating the Animal Welfare Act 2015. This act only allows culling when there is an increased number of rabies in infected dogs.
But everyone is aware that this poor dogs are being killed without mercy in every neighborhood and nobody has been standing up against this horrendous crime.

We have to stop this, you may put an end to this by signing the petition. Our signatures will be our voice, and we are pleading the authorities to take actions against the crime of violating the animal welfare act in the country. I urge other organizations that I’ve tagged along to intervene and help us. 

I am Dr. Jasmin Nitin Saini (MD). I am a Malaysian and an animal lover. Currently I am working as a Psychiatry Registrar in Ireland.
I have always stood against animals injustice throughout my life. Helping my country to sort out this issue will accomplish my goals. I belief that all animals deserves the rights to live just as humans.