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Vote them out of the European Parliament!

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Vote them OUT!

 Vote them out of the European Parliament!

 Say NO to hijab-lovers in a Western Parliament!

 Barr them from the European Parliament!

  For years and even decades, a growing number of Parliamentarians, especially in the Islamist-ridden European Parliament, have sold their soul to a highly reviled Islamist sectarian cult-leader guerrilla group : the Mojahedin-e Khalq, a traitor organization with a heavy terrorist record, which for years helped Ayatollah Khomeiny  in foisting upon Persians (Iranians) a barbaric Sharia-based totalitarian jihadist anti-West barbaric theocracy in Iran to replace the pro-West secularizing regime of the Shah, accused of (!) being the West’s ally in the Middle East.

   These dangerous hypocrite Islamist extremists, widely dubbed as “Green Khmers” by Iranians at large, have used many disguises to fool the public opinion in the West with various aliases (MEK, MKO, CNRI, OMPI, etc.), countless multilingual propaganda websites & bogus front organizations, and above all with incoherent wind-changing alleged successive ideological stances : originally a violently anti-Western, anti-US anti-Zionist antidemocratic totalitarian Marxist-Islamist Terror group committing terrorist crimes, political assassinations (against both Westerners and Iranians) & murderous bombings, they now pretend to have become pro-West pro-US ultra-Zionist self-proclaiming “secular” (wearing hijabs, still sharia-abiding!!!) pseudo-democrats.

   What is even more bewildering is that these backward Marxist-leaning jihadist Islamists who indecently rejoiced at 9/11 are now insidiously funded by massive foreign intelligence and multicorporate funneling money to astronomic heights with no correspondence whatsoever to their marginal insignificant microscopic status among the 5-million Iranian Diaspora (which is a completely secular anti-hijab anti-sharia abroad community unlike the Mojahedin), a sign of their being only a subservient front organisation through which powerfully antipatriotic nation-destroying globalitarian lobbies have achieved near control over Europe’s parliamentarians, be they excessively naïve, venal or simply corrupt to the core.

   Let these outgoing pro-hijab pro-sharia globalitarian “Eurodeputies” know that everybody should vote them out of the European Parliament once and for all.

 Hereby a photo of hijab-wearing cult-leader Maryam Radjavi escorted in the European Parliament by two of his most devoted brainless blind worshippers: Spanish socialist Alejo Vidal-Quadras, the infamous vice-president of the European Parliament and UK conservative Struan Stevenson, both very active long-term lobbyists of theMarxist-Islamist Mojahedin-e Khalq.




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