Rape Punishment

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Okay so what i am going to speak or discuss about is not a very rare topic its about something we hear every second day that is"Rape".

Dont you think that one reason for the rising number of rape cases in our country is the"not so severe punishments and delayed judgements".Our country has now become the most unsafe place for women..isnt it shameful..people have forgot the difference between humans and animals.

I therefore am getting into this petition to request the concerned authorities to declare some severe and strict punishments against this crime.

Only when people will have some fear about the punsihment,the country will get back its humanity.Men need to understand the damage of doing this crime.

Quick judgements(if confirm evidence available)and most strict punishment will surely create some fear in the minds of such people.

I here by request you to please support this petition because we as citizens need to stand up for it.