A dedicated African Server for PUBG Mobile

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Here in Africa, we struggle to play the game due to high latency, an average of 230ms ping a game on the EU server, which is the one with the least ping for us in comparison to NA, SA and the others.. and that sets us on a disadvantage against players from all of those places, who have an average latency of 30ms.

We ask of PUBG Corp and Tencent Games to please provide us with a dedicated African server.

Personal story
My friend (ign - MercuryRising) and I (ign - TheArmedBat) are PUBG Mobile players from Cape Town, South Africa.. We have been playing PUBG Mobile ever since since Beta, and it gets really frustrating when our game lags out or when we shoot at a target 1000 (exaggerated) times over and they’re still up, and they shoot us once and we’re gonners.. so we hope that this petition would be enough to make that change for us and our fellow African players.