Justice For Papa

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On Sunday, June 17th, Papa was brought to Philadelphia's Animal Control. Per witness statements, he was being viciously abused by his owner. In retaliation, Papa reacted and bit his owner. His owner then proceeded to stab Papa in the face about half a dozen times. The owner had the luxury of being taken the the hospital, Papa was thrown into a kennel, left to sit with fresh open wounds and no medical care. 

My husband and myself run a small pit bull rescue called Philly Bully Team. We came across Papa when we were at Animal Control Sunday afternoon picking up another dog. Seeing the state that Papa was in, we absolutely could not leave him there.

We were able to find transport the very next morning to World of Animals. Papa was rushed there while the staff were educated in Papas bite history. Papa was serving a 10 day bite quarantine , but the staff still knew that they had to clean his open wounds. When they attempted to clean him up, he lunged at them. They decided to give him a day to decompress and try again the morning with mild sedation and a muzzle. They were able to muzzle Papa with no issues, however, he immediately slipped from his muzzle and attacked one of the veterinary staff. She was rushed to the ER with multiple bite wounds and cannot feel her hand. 

After having two serious bite incidents in less than 4 days, Papa had to be taken into the custody of the SPCA. Papa has endured years of abuse that have left him unable to have an appropriate response to any discomfort initiated by a human being. Because of that, Papa will have to be euthanized. We, as well as the staff at World of Animals did everything we could to give Papa a fighting chance, and we will continue to fight so Papas death was not in vain. His owner may not be the one euthanizing him, but his years of abuse toward Papa have now caused the end result. The owner MUST be held accountable. Dog abuse is a felony charge in Pennsylvania and this person must be charged accordingly. Currently, there is nothing stopping this monster from going out today and obtaining another dog to brutally abuse to the point of no return.


Please sign this petition so that we can present it to Governor Wolf, as well as the PSPCA. 

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