Save the North Fork (home for bald eagles)

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Please help save the North Fork of the Saline River! (Located in Saline County, Arkansas)

We speak for those cannot speak for themselves–our wildlife.

A powerful wealthy energy company just sent out an innocuous letter claiming how wonderful it is that they were working on the “Happy Valley” project to bring supposedly reliable electric power from Hot Springs, Arkansas, to Little Rock, Arkansas. One of the proposed routes is through the ecologically sensitive North Fork of the Saline River, proposed high-voltage transmission line Nos. 621, 585, 601, and 605.

Ramming these dangerous deadly high-voltage transmission lines through this pristine area will devastate wildlife. We have threatened and protected wildlife around and in the North Fork of the Saline River. This includes magnificent nesting bald eagles whose hunting range is a two-mile area. Their range includes the whole North Fork of the Saline River. In the North Fork itself, we also have a resident threatened species, the little Fatmucket mussel. This doesn't even get into all the other wildlife in the area, turkeys and deer and mallard ducks, armadillos, and the rare-to-Arkansas black squirrel and ignores the fact that this is a wetlands area.

These high-voltage transmission lines spew radiation day and night and turn the land into Chernobyl. There are many, many studies showing that children living around these high-voltage lines have a significantly higher rate of cancer.

We don't even know what irreparable additional damage these high-voltage lines will do to the environment, including the river itself, the North Fork.

These frightening and deadly towers are not just unsightly. They have been known in other places to be struck by lightening and to fall over, resulting in a cessation of electric power. There is also some grave concern about the toxic chemicals that are used in the construction of these massive towers.

These towers can range from 85 feet high to almost 200 feet (or more) in the air. Birds get tangled up in these lines and become seriously injured or die. The high-voltage electric power lines on these towers sag and require continual maintenance. Maintenance crews come in and cause property damage by rutting the land with their truck tires and throwing garbage around.

These towers also have the potential to be the target of terrorists and pranksters.

If you care about wildlife and about conservation, won't you please help us?

We are confronting a determined powerful wily land grabber that doesn't care about the endless damage and destruction to the environment and the North Fork of the Saline River and the wildlife who make their homes there.

There is no proven necessity or need for these massive radiation-spewing towers to be forced through the delicate ecosystem of the North Fork of the Saline River. If the City of Homestead, Florida, with a population of 67,000 ± people can generate their own electricity, so can Little Rock (population 198,000) and North Little Rock (population 66,000).

The power company also has dozens and dozens of other line routes they can choose from that do not damage or destroy the ancient Indian mounds and artifacts found on the land or wildlife or people's homes, businesses, and farms.

We are asking the Arkansas Public Service Commission to eliminate proposed high-voltage transmission power lines 621, 585, 601, and 605 from consideration from this project in order to protect the North Fork of the Saline River.

Please help us in our petition to the Arkansas Public Service Commission. There are dozens of other lines that go through uninhabited timber country they can pick from that will accomplish their goal. They do not have to destroy the North Fork.

Please help us! Legal help is expensive, and we need to be able to send out information to inform people about what is really going on. We need expert witnesses to testify on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, our wildlife. We need to call a whole series of public hearings on the enormous and irreparable environmental damage and destruction these lines cause.

Let's not turn Arkansas “The Natural State” into Arkansas the devastated and destroyed “Unnatural State”. Help us save the North Fork of the Saline River.

Thank you for any help you can give us. All donations received with gratitude and acknowledged. Even $5 helps. Thanks again.

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