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Provincial Inquiry, Jehovah's Witnesses hiding child abuse cases.

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Children deserve the ultimate in protection from all predators. Jehovah's Witnesses have a policy that inherently protects the abuser over the victim. It is called the 2-3 witness rule. If a case of abuse comes forward the Elders are instructed to create a Judicial Committee ONLY if there is a confession or 2-3 material witnesses to the abuse. If no witnesses can be provided then the matter is dismissed and "left in God's hands". Nor is it reported to the Authorities as is required by BC Law. Statistically very few cases of abuse ever have a 3rd party witness. The abuser are free to move from congregation to congregation without other members' knowledge. Frequently the abusers are ones of position within the organization and do not suffer any reprisal of privileges. The victims are instructed that it is a personal choice to report it to the police but also shown scriptural guidelines that brothers do not take each other to court.  All this is to protect the accused in the off chance they are innocent.  This rule is also applied to every case brought forward including rape, violence, adultery, theft and more

We are asking the BC Government to look into the rules, actions, and files of the Jehovah's Witness organization in the Province of BC. We ask that the 2 witness rule be eradicated and that the organization be held to the Law requiring mandatory reporting of all known and suspected cases. Not allowing the shaming of victims if they do report it.

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