Allow Boxing Gyms in Ontario to Safely Re-Open

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We need your help as we continue the fight to re-open gyms affected by the Grey Zone lockdown mandate. Boxing Ontario was previously afforded the ability to approve our clubs across Ontario to open under our strict safety and health requirements. Seventy clubs were approved with ZERO cases of COVID-19 related to any club or the sport of boxing as a whole.

With each new legislation, the Boxing Ontario Board Members and the COVID Task Force have worked tirelessly to help keep sanctioned gyms safely operational. During the second lockdown in November, the provincial government made an amendment that removed Boxing Ontario's ability as a provincial sport organization to allow our members to operate safely and effectively in Grey Zone regions.

Our gyms across Ontario are dedicated to helping families, grass roots, competitive and healthy living programs, and supporting individuals in need of physical rehabilitation. Clubs continue to employ staff and mentor youth through competitive and recreational coaching programs. Though the majority of our clubs quickly pivoted to a virtual format after the first shutdown in March, boxing gyms are struggling to sustain their physical locations through these efforts. While we continue to stay connected with our community, the shutdown of many locations is having a devastating effect on the industry as a whole; this reality threatens the future of our club business and livelihood.

Please consider sending a letter to your local MPP voicing your concerns, and please sign our petition to compel the Ontario Government to reinstate Boxing Ontario’s ability to safely re-open our member gyms.

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