Petition Closed

 We need to change the laws in BC, so this beautiful province does not loose more tax money and investors, yet again to Alberta.I am starting this petition as I know it is important to have decent housing and landlords in BC. We need a review of the RTA as it unfairly favors the Tenant;  a tenant who grows marijuana on your rental property will not be evicted unless you proove damages. The RTB does not consider it to be a danger to health and saftey or how a grow op seriously jeopardizes lawful right or interest of the Landlord. To get a hearing takes to long (a month to two months). This petition will spur  a review of the laws and proceedings of the RTB

Letter to
Honorable Mike Morris MLA Prince George - Mackenzie Province of British Columbia Legislature
Review the Residential Tenancy Act and how the Residential Tenancy Branch operates