"Say No To Cosmetology Hour Reduction" 100k Signatures HB 2444/SB1507, HB2843. & HB 2847

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On February 26, 2019 Texas House Representative Senfronia Thompson of District 141 filed HB 2444 and Senator Charles Schwertner of District 5 filed companion bill SB 1507 which would reduce the Cosmetology Educational Curriculum hours from 1,500 to 1,000 clocked hours of instruction in order to take an examination for a licence. There is also HB 2843 which is relating to the examinations required for Barbering and Cosmetology.  This bill was authored by Representative Chris Turner of District 101, joint authored by Representative Will Metcalf of District 16, and co-authored by Representative Armando Walle of District 140.  This bill would allow department approved early examinations to students who have completed 1000 hours.  HB 2843 is essentially a loophole of HB 2444 and SB 1507 with HB 2847 including an amendment for hour reduction.

In 2015 HB 2717 deregulated Braiding. Today HB 1705 is being reviewed to abolish the Barber and Cosmetology industry and if that does not pass, then our law makers suggest lowering the hours of instruction that are required to obtain a license.  Most Barbers and Cosmetology professionals agree that 1000 hours of education would be a disservice to the student seeking a professional career, to salon owners seeking to hire professionals, and to the general public.

This is an attack on the Texas Barber and Cosmetology industry and we need the signatures of all industry professionals and consumers who value safety and professional services.  Help us stop this nationwide trend of dismantling industry standards by informing our state representatives on the need to protect proper regulated education.  Make the calls, send an email, fax, and tweet your representative.





Work to win,                                                                                              Sharla Wooten