Protect Woodbridge's Heritage and Green space

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We all want to improve our quality of life and better our living states which is why when we bought our home over 30 years ago, we chose this location because it is in a beautiful area with big lots; has great canopies of very mature trees; plenty of fresh air with little-to-no noise from cars or trucks; and because it is an area of Woodbridge with a lot of history - which we love. We would like to keep the integrity of this neighbourhood as it is for as long as we live and beyond.

We do not reject progress around us but development must respect the aesthetics of already existing homes and the surrounding nature by maintaining a low density development and keeping the lots sizes as those of surrounding streets of the area. This is so that new developments blend in with the existing community, and most importantly protects the nature of the area as the canopy of mature trees absorb the large quantity of water in these low areas. We must change the by-law to preserve the floodplains, not just to accommodate new development plans for shortsighted gains.

The Province of Ontario created the Oak Ridges Moraine to protect our green spaces and to protect our fragile waterways. As members of the community, we must do the same to protect our lowlands, ideally leaving them as parks with big trees for the future of our children and grandchildren, giving them the possibility to enjoy this beautiful community that we respect and love so much. We must protect this area for the next generations.