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PROTECT THIS VILLAGE: Oppose Harford County Rezoning Issues D-001, D-002, D-007!

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On June 27, approximately 100 local residents and business owners met with Councilman Chad Shrodes (Dist. D) to voice our opposition to the above-referenced rezoning requests. The petitions, filed by 2226 Rockspring Road, LLC and Country Club Investors, LLC, seeks to rezone 35.16 acres of RR to 21.68 acres of R-2 and 13.28 acres of B-3. If granted, the developers would be able to construct between 122 and 157 single-family homes, and more than 130,000 sq ft of unrestricted commercial space.

Neither the surrounding road network, nor the marketplace can support development of this magnitude. Moreover, a development of this size would overwhelm what remains of the Village of Forest Hill, leading to further encroachments on the rural setting we treasure, and destruction of what remains of natural habitats for the endangered Bog turtle and other sensitive environmental features. This parcel straddles the divide between the County’s “Development Envelope” and the Village of Forest Hill, and future development of these properties should be truly “transitional” in nature.  In point of fact, this property is also designated as subject to sensitive environmental features.  

Because they are influential and well-connected, the developers presume they have some greater right and privilege to this rezoning than the adjoining neighbors and businesses have to the relative peace, tranquility and safety we bargained for when we first came to the Village of Forest Hill. Representatives on behalf of the community have repeatedly asked the developers to sign binding restrictive covenants to preserve some measure of peace, tranquility and safety, but the developers have arrogantly refused to bargain in good faith. Rather, they continue to maintain that blind support by the Council is mandated because the Council superimposed “medium” and “low” density overlays on their parcels in the 2016 Master Land Use Plan. This is completely contrary to both law and fact, as master plans (typically 15-20 year planning documents) alone do not dictate quadrennial zoning decisions by the Council.  

We strongly urge you to advise both 2226 Rockspring Road, LLC and Country Club Investors, LLC that their rezoning requests will not be supported unless and until they agree to undertake reasonable restrictions, in the form of use and unit number restrictions benefitting adjoining property owners, as a precondition to any rezoning of these properties.  Moreover, we strongly implore you to reject any commercial zoning application whatsoever, and limit any zoning changes to R-1.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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