Protect the Olympic Village from more theft, crime and drugs.

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Olympic Village residents and owners, 

You likely received the attached notice of development application in the mail. The application is for yet another social housing project in our neighborhood. 

While there is a need and we should support social housing, our neighborhood cannot withstand another social housing project. As it stands, we cannot manage and maintain our neighborhood with the existing projects. Until the City has a plan and cleans up the current state of our neighborhood, we cannot afford more social housing and the safety risks associated with it.

At one Olympic Village Condo complex alone, we regularly see:

  • used needles and condoms on our property
  • unauthorized access to our parkade and building (thousands of dollars in damages)
  • stolen bikes that are locked in front of our building
  • used clothing and garbage left around and on our property
  • break-ins to vehicles parked on the street in front of our building
  • homeless people sleeping on the park benches where kids play
  • and street people setting up shop on the street selling stolen goods

The Olympic Village is supposed to be a global model for sustainable, community living. It is NOT in its current state with the increase in crime and homeless people wrecking havoc on our streets and making it unsafe for young families. 

If you have the same concerns, please take the time to sign the online petition or write to the project manager, Darren Lee, Project Facilitator, or 604.871.6703.


A concerned taxpayer and community member