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Fiona O'Leary started this petition to Enda Kenny (Taoiseach) and

An Anti-Vaccine movement is causing grave harm to Society!

Discredited Doctor Andrew Wakefield has teamed up with Polly Tommey who is founder of the Autism Charity 'Autism Trust' and film maker Del Bigtree.

Together they released the Anti-Vaccine propaganda film 'Vaxxed' and they have built a Campaign which can only be described as dangerous!

The 'Vaxxed' team are touring America and also starting to tour Europe.

They are spreading misinformation and lies about Vaccines.

The 'Vaxxed' team tell parents NOT to vaccinate their children and also tell parents that Pediatricians are dangerous and parents should stay away from them.

Listen to these outrageous and dangerous comments in links below!

We have also heard Polly Tommey tell Society that WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE THOSE THAT MURDER THEIR AUTISTIC CHILDREN!

Hear Tommey make this dreadful comment in link below.

Del Bigtree tells people to resort to VIOLENCE!

Watch Bigtree make these extremely dangerous comments in link below!

Del Bigtree says “Anyone who believes in the right to bare arms. To stand up against your government. I don’t know what you were saving that gun for then. I don’t know when you planned on using it if they were going to take control of your own body away. It’s now. Now’s the time.”

You can read more about this serious issue in the Articles in links below



Babies and children are suffering and some are dying because of NOT receiving life saving Vaccines!

The Autistic Community want this movement to be STOPPED as they are inciting HATRED towards Autistic people and also inciting VIOLENCE!

We want the relevant bodies to ACT on this serious issue and STOP this movement which is putting children's lives at risk!

Autistic people are depicted in the most dehumanising way by this VAXXED movement!

Del Bigtree has likened Autistic people to DOGS and CHIMPS!

Watch Bigtree make this disgusting comment in link below!

Then when Autistic Advocates speak out against this awful matter we are ridiculed and Polley Tommey and Andrew Wakefield say that Autistic people must be forgiven because they do not know what they do!

Learn more about the Anti-Vaxx movement and their dangerous Rhetoric in links below.

The VAXXED movement needs to be STOPPED!





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This petition had 525 supporters