Protect Our Village Culture & Lynbrook Schools - REJECT Apartment Complex & Parking Garage

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PLEASE Say NO to MASSIVE Apartment Complex in the Village of Lynbrook (aka Cornerstone) & MASSIVE Parking Garage. 

We, the undersigned, oppose the proposal and construction of an apartment building and parking garage within the Village of Lynbrook, NY as incompatible in scale and character with its surroundings petitioned by Terwilliger and Bartone Properties, LLC. 

Underground parking and massive apartment complex would give our community an urban feel, something we feel would be out of place here and takes away the suburban feel. The underground parking would also create major traffic concerns on Forest and Earle Avenues. In addition, there will be major congestion on the main roads in our Village like Sunrise Hwy., Merrick Rd., Peninsula Blvd., Broadway, Atlantic Ave., and Hempstead Ave. due to the increase in the number of new residents living at the complex.

We encourage everyone that does NOT support this development to sign the petition.

Our Concerns:

  • Gift of public land to developer
  • NO Bid proposal - isn't there a 3 bid requirement??
  • Overcrowding - there is already an extremely high density in our Village compared to other communities
  • Over-sized apartment building – too big for Lynbrook, there are only a few tall buildings in Village
  • Over-sized commuter parking garage – Eye sore and out of place, potentially attracting unsafe conditions for residents
  • Increased RE taxes - due to increase in SD#20 School Taxes for the added student costs and increase in Village costs to service the two new developments (i.e. police, fire, ambulance, DPW, etc.)
  • Decreased Home Values making it difficult to sell our homes quickly and at prime
  • Increased schools class room size in SD#20 - impacting the student teacher ratio
  • Increased traffic, congestion, and environmental factors - at peak times traffic backs up on Sunrise Hwy., Merrick Rd., Peninsula Blvd., Broadway, Atlantic Ave., and Hempstead Ave. which is right in the center of town making it unsafe for emergency vehicles to pass thru town quickly. There will also be an increase in car accidents
  • Limited parking – not enough parking for new residents and their guests, LIRR commuters, shoppers, etc.
  • Change in Community Character – small family oriented community with Tudor style homes and tree lined streets will lose its suburban feel and turn into an Urban like community
  • Changes to the Arts and Cultural Overlay District – Limited location for future developments
  • Safety concerns related to construction and use of non-union labor workers
  • Decreased Police coverage due to increased demand from potential issues at complex and garage
  • Infrastructure weaknesses – additional resources at Village cost would be needed to service these developments (i.e. police, fire, ambulance, DPW, etc.)
  • Low income/Section 8 housing – who will live in these luxury apartments? Rents ranging from $2,400 - $3,800 with a minimum 10% allocated to low income individuals at a approx. 20% discount
  • No parking for LIRR commuters during construction of parking garage, minimum 8 months

Related files to the application can be found here:

Let's maintain the high quality of life and character of our village.

Don’t let this happen!

With the lack of benefits to existing Lynbrook home owners/residents and SD#20 taxpayers, please make sure the Mayor and Board of Trustees know you oppose these two developments! 

Together, we can prevent this apartment complex from being built.

Please SIGN this petition and stand alongside your neighbors who are letting the local government know that this Complex cannot happen.

This petition is supported by concerned citizens, and urges the City of Lynbrook Board of Trustees to reject the proposal in favor of maintaining our property values and quality of life, consistent density and height of housing in our neighborhood, assuring adequate parking, and minimizing traffic congestion.

Thank you.


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Our Mission Statement: The Lynbrook Community Alliance was started by concerned Lynbrook residents joining together to discuss community issues and to bridge the gap between the residents, the Village of Lynbrook Mayor and Board of Trustees in order to enhance full transparency.

We encourage all Lynbrook resident that are in agreement with our Mission Statement above to join our team. Please get involved, support your community, and attend the Village Board Meetings or you can watch it live (televised on Lynbrook-TV Ch. 20/FIOS Ch. 33). Thank you.