Protect our kids: no more gun violence at schools

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I’m an ordinary mother of two kids who go to school and yet my worry is that I no longer believe school is the second safest place after a home. It has been a long time since that changed.

After what happened on 14th of February, 2018 in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School located in Parkland, Florida where a former student killed seventeen people, in which the majority were students, and left more than fifteen people injured, I sincerely cannot sit around doing nothing anymore without at least trying to open a debate or bring awareness about this important issue that the Government simply ignores.

I just want our kids to have a safe place to study and develop as leaders of tomorrow, so I propose that we establish a higher level of security in our schools.

For example, have our schools try getting some support from our Government to hire retired people, such as, ex-police-officers, ex-investigators, etc. in order for them to be a part of the school board and be the eyes we need, to distinguish signs or red flags that could potentially indicate that such adolescent has problems which could lead to the hurting of other students. We need to prevent these cases from escalating into the tragedies we are unfortunately experiencing at an excessive amount today. We need to create a safer atmosphere where our kids attend to become knowledgeable leaders or educated role models.

Additionally, I need your support in proving the need to regulate the acquisition and ownership of guns in this country as well as keeping in mind the mental/health records of anyone seeking to buy a gun.

There are many open petitions about this issue. We need to unite so our voice can be heard!

No more parents should bury their kids as a result of gun violence and the lack of action from the American Government. Enough is enough. It’s time for a real change.

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