Protect Green Areas of St. Maarten

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By signing the petition, you are telling the Government of St. Maarten that you would like to see the formal establishment and protection of terrestrial and coastal (green) conservation areas on St. Maarten.

On a small island like St. Maarten, marine and terrestrial ecosystems are closely linked and must be considered in unison. The Man of War Shoal National Marine Park was established in 2010 and is the first marine conservation area on Dutch St. Maarten. However, to this day there are no land-based protected areas on Dutch St. Maarten! While the establishment of the marine park has improved our marine resources, the establishment of land-based conservation areas will not only improve those green areas, but it would also reduce the detrimental runoff entering the ocean and marine park. Tourism is the main economic activity of St. Maarten. As such, it is important that we maintain the beauty of the natural environment for this major economic reason!

Potential conservation areas are:
Zone 1: The mangroves of the Simpson Bay Lagoon,
Zone 2: Ponds and "Important Birding Areas" (IBA's),
Zone 3: Emilio Wilson Estate,
Zone 4: Geneve-Back Bay, and
Zone 5: The hilltops above 200 meters.

These areas have been suggested as conservation zones in several local and regional reports such as BEST’s Regional ecosystem profile – Caribbean Region (2016), St. Maarten Proposed Land Parks Management Plan (NFSXM, 2009) and in the Development Plans Sint Maarten (2012). 

Join Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) Foundation in advocating for green conservation areas on St. Maarten!