•Bring Prosecution for Those Responsible for Christian Ferguson's Disappearance•

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    On June 11, 2003, at approximately 6:09 AM, a disabled 9-year old child named Christian Ferguson was reported missing from St. Louis, Missouri. Christian's biological father told police he was using a pay phone when someone drove away in his S.U.V.  Christian was said to be ill and lying in the vehicle when this crime took place. The father was taken to the police station for further questioning about Christian's disappearance; but, he refused to cooperate with law enforcement. Hours later, the S.U.V. was recovered; but, the whereabouts of Christian remain unknown.
   Dawan Ferguson made a false police report. He was not car-jacked at Page and Skinker in the City of St. Louis. The story presented by Christian's father was clearly understood to be a cover-up of massive proportions from the start.
   The father had a history of abusing and neglecting our little angel, Chrstian Ferguson. Law enforcement, local & out-of-state child protection agencies, courts, and medical providers were aware of and documented the father's heinous acts upon Christian Ferguson. Even testimony given by an eye-witness (the younger sibling, myself) was disregarded in the case. [Article of Story Below]

Christian Taylor Ferguson: a Heart-Breaking Case - Video

-Vanishing Act: a Riverfront Times Special-

   Please, sign this petition to show you want justice for Christian Ferguson! Since 2004, law enforcement has had enough weighty evidence to prosecute the person responsible for Christian's disappearance. Adding your name to this petition will give this tragic case the attention it deserves, and remind prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell the justice previously deferred by the preceding prosecuting Attorney, Robert McCulloch, should not be justice denied. 

   Speak now for Christian Ferguson so my mother and I may have peace.

Lin Ferguson