Change the way Project Pokemon is currently!

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Dear Wish_Z,

         Now, I know that I have not been played as long as some of the other players, but in my time spam playing I had so much fun and experienced so many emotions. Firstly, I love how you made this game an homage to the original Pokemon Games. In my time play I've seen a lot of things. When I first joined in the end of summer of 2017, the Discord was always active with alive members. I remember when I said my first hello and it went up the chat so fast because everyone was typing. Now more than ever, we need your help to make sure that this game never dies and not have players lose interest. We need more frequent big updates, as well as a more active community! Nowadays the community has been less frequently active than it used to be. Open the floodgates and let new players join and connect with other members of the community! This game will go slowly on the decline if we do not update. More frequent events, as well as auras, would be greatly appreciated. We all love and support this game and it would be such a shame to see it die. The community loved games that interacted with them such as Jackbox. We all banded together to create fun moments in the community with games like Jackbox. More abilities and moves scripted into the game would absolutely fantastic. We know that you are a one-man team Wish, but we are always here to help you.

We all know that Project: Pokemon has changed from the way it used to be. I asked some of the older members of the Project Pokemon community when they thought what time was the happiest period in the community. Some people said when Papa_Penguin joined, some said before all the banned members got banned, and some even said when it was summer 2017. I would like to bring Project: Pokemon Discord back to its glory days, when everyone had fun and no drama. I understand that some of the banned members have done terrible things, but some deserve second chances. I'd much rather have an active discord than a dead discord. We understand that it is hard running a game, but hire a team if you need to

Sincerely, Darken and the Community