Tell Progresso to Recall Soups Possibly Containing Pointy Objects Before Someone Chokes!

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Tell Progresso to Recall Soups Possibly Containing Pointy Objects Before Someone Chokes!

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Nicole Denise Designs started this petition to Progresso

Progresso Quality Foods Company (often known as Progresso Soup) is knowingly selling cans of soup which contain POINTY hard "objects" (which they claim to be from a bad batch of carrots) on which a child or adult could easily choke, and they are not planning to recall their soups.

I was eating a can of Progresso's Chickarina soup the other day when I felt something EXTREMELY hard and pointy in my mouth, nearly an inch long with 2 pointy "spokes" sticking out of it.

I have been eating this soup all of my life and never felt anything like this. I took the piece out of my mouth and thought it was some kind of bone or wood. It was definitely NOT edible like the soft carrots, chicken, and pasta in the soup.

It seemed to be covered in pieces of a carrot- practically hidden IN a carrot

I called Progresso and spoke to several representatives. Both said they received a "bad batch" of carrots from a supplier in the Fall of 2016 (it is now March 28th 2017).

They would not say where the carrots came from or why they had pointy pieces in them. They only said they are "aware of the issue."

One of the reps said it was a part of the carrot's core, although I have never seen this in ANY carrot and I cannot visualize how it was connected to a carrot. 

The piece (which splintered and broke in two, as seen in the photo) feels as hard as a piece of splintery wood or bone.

When I urged them to recall their cans of soup IMMEDIATELY because someone could choke and die- especially a child- they said they are "not recalling them at this time" and that they have a "wide variety of soups" which contain carrots (how would they like a "wide variety of deaths"?!).

I asked what it would take to recall them- are they waiting for someone to choke and die?! I did not receive a straight answer nor did the reps seem genuinely concerned. I got the feeling they were simply repeating words from higher management, to probably tell consumers, "We are aware of the issue" (but doing nothing about it). Both of the reps even said they already saw other pieces- or pictures of them- so they are clearly aware of the issue but not taking any action.

Please petition Progresso to recall EVERY can of soup on shelves which could potentially contain these POINTY, HARD, and DANGEROUS pieces BEFORE it's too late and someone chokes!!!

This is a tragedy waiting to happen.

It is unacceptable that Progresso is AWARE of the problem but doing nothing about it except documenting the calls they receive and passing the comments along to the product department. One of the reps even said it's going to take a while for the issue to work itself out of the market (which I guess means until all the defective soup is eaten by unsuspecting consumers).

Imagine a child coming home from school and opening a can of soup and choking on a hard object in a carrot with no parent around to help them.

Please tell Progresso to take this matter seriously and recall their soups ASAP!!

This petition will be sent to senior executives at General Mills and Progresso.

Thank you,
Nicole Denise, Soup Consumer

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This petition had 26 supporters