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Professor Judyth Sachs, DVC (Provost), Macquarie University: Maintain independent postgraduate representation at Macquarie University

Macquarie University Postgraduate Representative Association (MUPRA) is one of the oldest independent, democratically-elected postgraduate representative bodies in the country, and one of the few remaining independent postgraduate associations at a non-Group of 8 campus in the post-VSU era. Macquarie University should be proud of the vibrant postgraduate student culture that this achievement embodies, but instead appears intent on closing MUPRA to the detriment of postgraduates on campus.

Postgraduates and Higher Degree by Research students have overwhelmingly indicated their preference for independent postgraduate student representation on campus. In CAPA's recent report into the implementation of the Student Services and Amenities Fee, it was clear that postgraduate students felt strongly about the right to independent and elected postgraduate-specific student representation.

We do not support student advisory boards that are comprised of representatives "cherry-picked" by University administration to agree with them. The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations, and postgraduates across Australia, stand firmly behind MUPRA.

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  • DVC (Provost), Macquarie University
    Professor Judyth Sachs
  • Vice Chancellor, Macquarie University
    Professor Bruce Dowton

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