Thousands of harmless dogs are being poisoned and left in pain to die a horrific death

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Thousands of harmless and loving street dogs and cats are being poisoned daily in Egypt by officials who say that it's to keep the population down! These poor animals will come up to the person, hungry and in a trusting and loving manner only to be fed their last meal of poison. The death that ensues is slow and painful as the stomach burns from the poison. Many of these poor animals have babies who are waiting for their mummy to return home so they can drink her milk or see what she's managed to scavenge out of bins and rubbish for their survival. Many are still sucking the teat as she dies. In Hurghada you can often walk past a dead cat or dog on the streets, evidence of this barbaric event. This is heartbreaking and unacceptable and also why many people leave this beautiful country, it seems Egypt want to also kill their tourism! Their main source of income. In Hurghada we have a fantastic charity called Blue Moon Animal Centre, Monique and her team work constantly to catch and spay these poor street animals, in the plight to keep the population down and to avoid what seems to be  the inevitable in Egypt. However they battle daily against these heartless people. I know this isn't a nice subject and many people will just turn their heads away but please imagine this was your dog or cat or you were experiencing it first hand. Please have a heart and share this far and wide. Together we can stop this as many other petitions have. Thank you loving animal friends.