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Ask Rachael Lillis and Eric Stuart to voice Misty & Brock in new Pokemon Sun/Moon Episodes

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On August 27, 2017, it was announced that Misty and Brock, two characters in the Pokemon anime franchise, would be reappearing for a two-episode limited return in the Pokemon Sun and Moon series.  These characters have not been seen in regular roles in the animated series since 2004 and 2011 respectively.  The inceptive voices for these characters in the English dub are Rachael Lillis and Eric Stuart.  In 2006 the dubbing companies for the English version of the anime changed, resulting in a change of cast, and Ms. Lillis and Mr. Stuart were no longer able to voice Misty and Brock.  With the brief return of these characters comes a unique opportunity to once again have them bring these characters to life.  The guest appearances of the characters they loved voicing is a natural way to have these two beloved actors reprieve their roles for a short time, and we ask that you take that rare chance.

To Mr. Yoshida, Ms. Thomas, Mr. Gose, Ms. Hawana and Mr. Gus at DuArt Media Services, and/or those involved in the casting process of the English dub: we are petitioning for you to ask Rachael Lillis and Eric Stuart to reprieve their roles as Misty and Brock for the characters' upcoming two-episode return.

The spirit of remembrance and homecoming is alive and well in the presentation of media for these new episodes.  The voices of the original actors, Mayumi Iizuka and Yuuji Ueda, are reprising their roles as Misty (Kasumi) and Brock (Takeshi) in the Japanese version.  The creators of the show are offering a joyous return to the home region of the entire franchise.  Bringing back Ms. Lillis and Mr. Stuart would not only give a chance for old and new fans of the English dub to hear the original voices, but would also invite fans back into the franchise that are keen on a reintroduction to the series for themselves, a relative, or even a child.  Older audiences would not only return, but bring new fans into the fold.  Due to the sentimentality towards these voices, the reach would be much greater than if the episode were produced with the regular cast.  Wouldn't it be great if more people lived in a Pokemon world?

Please ask Ms. Lillis and Mr. Stuart to reprieve their former roles. It will bring joy to those who have been with the franchise from the start, generate a large audience, and will exemplify the intention of wholehearted nostalgia that Misty and Brock's return to the series has created.

Thank you for reading.

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