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Petetion to Bring Fidget Spinners back to CPJH

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Recently, Creekside Park Junior High has banned Fidget Spinners during school hours.  The students of said school strongly disagree with this. We would like to provide an "in-between" solution so that both teachers and students can be happy. We agree with the teachers that not limiting the use of fidget spinners could become quite distracting to the teachers and other students. We also agree with fellow students that an all-out ban on fidget spinners is not the best solution.

Fidget Spinners if used correctly can actually benefit children who have issues concentrating, and those with ADHD or ADD.  Fidget Spinners do not take up any concentration, allowing them to be the perfect tool for children who have a problem with concentrating and keeping their hands still.  Their nature provides a better alternative to tapping fingers on desks, humming, or other activities that can be very distracting to teachers and students.

We propose some guidelines of certain times and situations when it is appropriate to use these spinners, and other times when it is not appropriate for students to use them. Fidget spinners come with two types of bearings: Steel and Ceramic. Ceramic bearings spin faster and longer, but are louder than their steel counterparts, which spin for a shorter amount of time, but are quieter. For the sake of the teachers, we will be assuming in our petition that everyone has ceramic bearings, which are still very quiet, but can still be heard by a neighbor.

When to use a spinner:

  • During "Paw Period", provided the teacher has not specified otherwise for testing or other reasons.
  • During lunch
  • Free time, when the teacher is allowing the students to read, or do other quiet activities (provided the teacher is comfortable with this).
  • In Computer Labs, where the spinners will not be as distracting as a quiet classroom.
  • In classrooms if the teacher using the classroom at the time allows it

When to not use a spinner:

  • In classrooms where the teacher does not allow spinners
  • During testing or other sensitive times
  • During drills (lockdown, fire, or other).
  • In the hallway
  • If a student nearby or next to you asks you to stop

We hope that teachers and students alike will consider signing the petition, and if Principal Scott will consider our proposition. Have a good day.

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