Unprecedented hike in school fees by Baldwin Girls High School

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This online petition is with reference to BALDWIN GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL ONLY.

There has been an gradual increase in the school fees over the years and this years it is a 20% hike compared to last year. 

I know of some parent groups visiting school and submitting letters to the Principal, but there has not been much impact. Hence I decided to seek support from my fellow parents to support this campaign with big numbers. I have spoken to some of them they share the same thoughts on the fee structure.

This will affect the middle income group and make a huge dent in their pockets. I would like to raise questions about these specific fee components like enrichment fee, e-classroom, computer fee, etc which looks exorbitant. 

Here is a reality check on the above mentioned fee.

1. Enrichment Fee: School management says that this fee (15,600/student) is collected from students for providing facilities such as Robotics and Swimming. 

2. E-Classroom: Rs. 5000/- is collected towards e-classroom access and for a school strength of 5000 students, the fee collected towards e-classroom is 2.5 Cr. There are some of the best companies that offer this services at a fraction of this cost. 

3. Computer Fee: Rs. 6000/ year per student. This amounts to about 3 crores from computer fee alone. What exceptional services are provided by the school that they demand so much. 

As a parent we have the right to know what we are paying for and how much we are paying for. I request you all to come in support to fight this practice of pushing the parents to the corner to extract more money. 

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