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Give art students their personal studio spaces back

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On the 24th April 2017, the UAL level 3 art and design students at Weston college came in to discover that their personal studio spaces, boards, had been taken down. Up until now, we were each given large wall-height boards by our desks; they helped us organise our work, plan ideas and experiment easily. However the faculty at Weston College decided to take our studio spaces down in fear that we may be "doing stuff" behind them. The fact that we were also not warned or consulted about the decision sends a horrible message out to students: the staff at Weston college do not trust us or respect us. When coming to Weston College from a secondary school we were told we would be treated and respected like mature adults but clearly they have changed their minds and they have retorted back to treating us like school children. 

Our once individual desks have now been pushed together to form tables and without the boards to divide them, work is ending up misplaced and on other people's desks; art students are messy and it is impossible to work on a table with 4 to 5 other people. We can no longer hang up our art work to dry and so it is being left on the floor in danger of being stepped on or worse. Before we were able to pin up important sheets, pictures and information but now we have to carry all these loose pieces of paper in our journals which leads to, what could be, something vital to our final major project falling out and getting lost.

Not only did the personal spaces help organise chaotic students they also helped us focus. As someone that has suffered with anxiety throughout their teenage years, I find that being in a large room with 20 other people does not help. To me the boards created my own little room, they isolated me from the rest of the class which helps me focus. Not only was I not being bombarded with anxious thoughts, I was not being distracted by others which meant I was able to get more work done and I know this is the same for many of my classmates.

Our studio spaces helped us organise our work, kept our work safe and increased our productivity. They are planning to take away the studio spaces of the majority of the art department, don't let this happen. Give us back your trust.

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