Install a UBike station in front of Morrison Academy Taichung

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As students enter high school, their schedule becomes significantly more tentative and subject to unexpected interruptions while their parents can no longer pay so much attention and chauffeur them around as they had in elementary. Therefore, many students rely on public transportation to travel to and from school.

The majority of students that travel by themselves uses 4 modes of transportation

  1. Walk
  2. Taxi/Uber
  3. Bus
  4. Bike/Ubike

The former 2 options are unavailable to some people. Students may not live within walking distance of the school or can't spend that much time on the road in between their busy schedule. The option of taxi/uber is also difficult since it adds an unnecessary financial toll to the family and raises safety concerns for more conservative families with what could happen to the child on their way home.

Therefore, many students default to taking the bus or a bike. Those that take the bus usually take 2: 28 in front of the St. Viator's (衛道) at Siping-Songzhu intersection (四平松竹路口) or 8 in front of the school. Since the 8 bus has a very limited and specific path that it takes, only certain students can take it, so students that live decently far from school (most of them) have to take the 28 bus for a transfer. However, the 28 bus has a 30-minute interval between each bus, meaning it can't really adapt to the tentative schedule of students. Furthermore, even those that do take the 28 bus, including myself, take the 3:35 right after school or the 5:15 one if they participate in afterschool sports. The problem with this is, the 3:35 option only works for those that leave school right away and the 5:15 bus is caught up in traffic due to the St. Viator's students also leaving school in their fleet of school buses along with the general evening traffic time of Taichung being around that time. 

That leaves students with more odd and flexible schedules with the option of biking. Not all students can afford or bring their own bikes to school, especially since it's uphill towards school and would take around 40 minutes to travel from the city hall (市政府) to Morrison on the most dangerous road of Taichung during traffic hours in the morning. So many students resort to Ubikes to bypass the traffic and grant them more control of their schedule. Accordingly, Ubikes have quickly become the preferred method of travel by not only Morrison students but all students around Taiwan. 

Unfortunately, there's one major problem: Morrison is located in the middle of 3 different Ubike stations that are all a 10-minute walk (5-minute run) away; the 2 closest ones being at the Sichangli park (四張犁公園) through the 'Village' and the other at Dade park behind Renai Elementary (大德公園; 仁愛國小) which are both pretty far away. 

Luckily, since the road across from Morrison is currently under construction, it would be pretty easy to install a Ubike station.  Morrison Academy is the only school in Taichung that does not have quick access to a Ubike station for travel. As a school, Morrison has an easy method of connection with the Chief of Village (里長) that could get the city government to install the station. It would cost absolutely nothing for everyone to get this done. The construction of the Ubike station would greatly benefit not only students traveling home after school, but also grant freedom to dorm students without their own modes of transportation. It would also greatly incentify students to participate in afterschool sports as they no longer have to worry about the long bus ride home or get their parents to pick them up during traffic time, wasting another 30-40 minutes on the road, it also has massive environmental contributions by taking more people off the road and alleviating car use.