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End the Dissection of Animals at Castle High School.

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Classroom Dissection of Animals fosters Insensitivity towards animals. These animals are Bred Just to be Killed and then Dissected.

All animals should be treated with Respect, Dignity, and Kindness. Dissection teaches students that the life of an animal has no value.  

Due to Advanced Technology,  Killing and Dissection is no longer necessary.

For the students who love animals this is Very Disturbing and causes Post Traumatic Stress.  For the students who are Vegan or Vegetarian this is Extremely Traumatic!!

Teach Compassion,  Empathy,  and Sympathy.  That is what students should be learning. 

No Living Being should be bred to Kill and then cut into pieces.  This is Barbaric! 

Animals feel the same emotions that humans do.  Love, Loneliness,  Isolation,  Anxiety,  Depression,  Sadness,  Desperation,  Fear,  Pain,  the Love of their babies, and the Desire to Live. 



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