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A Bully Free School Campus!

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We criticize the act of Bullying inside the school campus because it doesn't have good effects. Destroying the lines of the students, Leading to suicide or other crimes caused by bullying. We fight against the it to protect the rights of the specific student. To protect them from discrimination.

As a concerned student we are planning to help those bullied persons to increase their confidence, to compete fairly without any barrier, and to boost their Self-esteem. The cause of bullying is the lack of family attention and peer pressure on the actual situation encircled with problems and other complicated situations that affects students academic performance and personality. This bullying has no advantages. Clearly. All it has are disadvantages. First of all, the self-esteem of the student will decrease and will can make him/her to avoid people or crowd or he/she will become introvert. Second, The student will have negative thoughts that can lead to suicide. Third, The student will spiritually poor like blaming God about what happened. And lastly, they will loose appetite and their life will be full of hatred.

 As a solution, we find out that a student gets bully because of how she/he shows herself/himself to the crowd. The solution that we think is, we just need to give them the time to show their hidden talent or abilities that will make them stand out from the crowd. We will create a program where the selected bullied students will be given a chance to showcase their talents, a program where they can boost their self-confidence.

To be successful, we need your full support by voting on this petition. Be with us and help us create a SOCIAL CHANGE. Thank you!






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