Protect the Rural Crescent: Ensure Transparency

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In 1998 the Prince William County Board of Supervisors adopted a Comprehensive Plan that, for the first time, formally established a growth boundary. The intent was to strengthen the County's capacity to control urban sprawl by defining an area that was available for higher density development and a protected rural area, the Rural Crescent.

Currently, the Board of County Supervisors is considering revisions that would, at a minimum, double the number of homes in the Rural Crescent. We, as citizens, are concerned about the impacts increased densities in the countryside will have to our quality of life - schools, traffic, green open space, and taxes.

We request the Board of County Supervisors to provide both a plan and a statement of the costs, including identification of the risks of unforeseen costs to Prince William County taxpayers and rate payers, associated with changes to the Rural Crescent.

We further request, as supported by §§15.2-2223 and 15.2-2224 of the Code of Virginia, that the Board provide detailed information on how the County plans to provide adequate, sustainable, quality water for all existing and planned residents, businesses, schools and churches that are proposed for any change in zoning and planned development in the Rural Crescent of the county.

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