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PLEASE release "Don't U Wanna Fall in Love 2 Night?"

After the Super Bowl we were treated to Prince appearing on New Girl and debuting a funkalicious new song at the end of the episode: "Don't U Wanna Fall In Love 2 Night?" I'm sure I speak for everyone on Planet Earth when I say I CAN'T GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. The Camille-esque voice, the horns, the infectious synth's an instant, catchy classic!

I'm no expert on law or the Geneva Conventions, but I'm pretty sure depriving us of this fantastic jam any longer would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Prince, sir, in the interest of our collective mental health and happiness, world peace and even national security, PLEASE please release this song 2 day!

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Prince, PLEASE release "Don't U Wanna Fall in Love 2 Night?"