How C.R Vandalism in Schools Affect the Community

How C.R Vandalism in Schools Affect the Community

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On how the community is viewed as one. Students drawing or creating inappropriate words or figures. Poisoning other innocent's way of thinking that mostly implies to elementary students. This issue has been going on for so long and yet it is hardly noticed, being avoided and losing the reputation of the school. So I've come up with a solution which can stop this nuisance. As I said it can lose the reputation or how the school is known because guest who are visiting give their own judgement based on what they see about the school. Reducing the school's tolerance and giving a negative insight to the students and faculty.


I chose this issue
due to the lack of attention not only it is a great waste of resources but losing the sense of discipline in every student which is greatly affected by this influence. This is needed to be solved by the means of giving punishments. One way is by having representatives looking out the comfort room if the situation is very bad. Otherwise one of my ideas is by hosting community programs which can tackle this to avoid this kind of problems, to be able to mature someone's mind is the main goal because this will purely stop if this is done. Lastly people getting caught would result you to a 1 week of community service that is all I want to say, thanks for reading!