Lower age for smear tests

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I gave birth to my little boy in October 2017 by emergency cesarian. When in labour a midwife explained that she had found a growth in my cervix and had it checked by a doctor who also saw the growth. They did not refer me to any specialist to have it checked. I was also not given a 6 weeks check up. I went to my GP multiple times complaining with back pains & pain in my legs along with mood swings & head aches and the general cervical cancer symptoms. My GP and the hospital did nothing to help me but offer me physiotherapy. When my son turned 7 months I got fed up of being told it was a muscular problem and demanded my GP to refer me to a bladder specialist. When I went to see the bladder specialist I had a speculum examination and the specialist found a large growth in my cervix which he referred to straight away as cervical cancer. He then referred me to a gynaecologist who then re-examined me and he agreed with the previous colleague. Later on the same day I was rushed back into hospital with extreme pv bleeding and was hospitalised for a further 3-4 days, during that time I had a biopsy done and the doctor came round to me and told me it was in he’s opinion 100% cancer. The results came back that it was a stage 2B cervical carcinoma. I went on to have further tests, ie. ct scan, mri & pet scans. We then found out that I had a squamous cell carcinoma with local metastasis of the lymph nodes & it was touching my bowels & bladder. I was told I didn’t have enough time to harvest my eggs & was given a 29% survival rate chance. I then turned 21 just before starting radical chemo-rad & brachytherapy to extinguish the cancer. I suffered a terrible illness that I’ve been left with mental & physical scars from and continue to suffer..

because I was only 20 years old when the growth was found the hospital decided that it was okay for me to be let go with out any follow up appointments. If the cancer was found 2 weeks later it would have been too late to treat. If the cancer had been diagnosed at the beginning when it was first noticed I wouldn’t have needed the chemo rad or brachytherapy and could have gone on to lead a healthy & happy life but because the age for smear tests is 25 years old in the uk it was over looked & went untreated for 7 months. I will never get over what has happened to me and the impact it’s had on my family and general well-being & I do not want any other 20 year old girl to suffer the way I have. Please sign my petition & help other wemen get the justice & care that I was deprived of.