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Stop construction of Pancheshvar Dam in Uttrakhand

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This is with regards to the construction of Pancheshvar Dam on Mahakaali and Saryu rivers in Uttarakhand. Which is approved by government of india for the purpose of producing the electricity and irrigation water supply in Uttrakhand.

To give a background about this dam is a mutual agreement between india and nepal, and was agreed when prime minister visited nepal in 2014.

There is a report prepared by environmental agency, which is misleading and have incomplete information about the environmental effects, local residents issues and many other.

This dam will be built in 8 years with a costing estimation of 34108 crore rupees. If this dam will be built, then it will have around 124 square kilometers of area submerged in the water, which will cause total of 122 villages of Pancheshvar along with 35000 local residents, natural beauty, irrigation land, local business, and properties belonging to local residents.

We have an example of Tihri Dam, and seen how it has affected the environment and people around Tihri. They were relocated to some other place, but still not able to settle.

Then, we can think how badly its going to affect the people and environment in and around the Pancheshvar and Uttarakhand.

This should be stopped and look for establishing the other sources for the producing the electricity. It should not be build on the cost of beautiful nature, local residents, irrigation land and forest.

Please see the complete report on the below link.

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